An internship at MCN Professional is a great way to get closer to the business world, find out what motivates you and motivates you and where you can take it. Apart from an important work experience, you will have a good idea of whether we are a firm for you or not.

At MCN Professionals, success is part of our DNA. Although our employees come from different backgrounds, we all are inspired by the desire to succeed. This is what connects us. Success at MCN Professionals means many different things: winning awards, losing the barrier, getting skills for work, making skills for life, making lasting memories and, more importantly, making an impact. For all those who work at MCN Professionals, from our colleagues to our trainees, success means a positive effect - for our customers, our people, and society.


What is the Program?

We are excited to welcome more than 150 graduate students in MCN Professionals Winter Training Program, which runs from January to March every year in our offices in NOIDA, INDIA.

Our structured Winter training program offers an open and collaborative culture in which you will be exposed to what is happening in a fast-growing global company like MCN Professionals. You will enjoy a favorable atmosphere where everyone can afford and invest in your training and development.


What you can expect?

As soon as you join, you will work as a team, which will be valuable to your unique contributions and new ideas you brought. Working with professional and experienced teams will give you practical project experience. You will be encouraged to think yourself and use your initiative within your team to provide innovative solutions for your customers.

Upon joining the firm: You will take part in a full initial event and a partner will help you to navigate the smallest details to help you settle in the summer at MCN Professionals.

Learning and Development: Our commitment to the professional development of our employees is complete. Focusing on technical, relational and technical skills and reinforced by job training. Apart from continuous learning in our World Famous Education Academy, you will have access to the following programs.

Insight Sessions: We believe that a Winter training is a great opportunity to meet different people in MCN Professionals and better understand the work done in each of our areas of work. Our student refresher sessions are held on every Friday of our internship program and exhibit topics such as auditing and certification in innovation and progress in consulting technology.

Your Future your Focus: An interactive session where you have the opportunity to develop skills that will support you in college and your future career. In this session, we discuss topics such as your future career, preparation of interviews and presentations, roles and teamwork.

Skills for Life Sessions: This program provides an introduction to those skills that enable us to succeed in all aspects of our life and brand image incorporates everything from your professional brand, professional brand, finance, healthy food, and nutrition. Participation in our world-class corporate chemistry.