Google Plans Go 2

Admin 2018-12-09 News

At GopherCon 2017, Google’s Russ Cox had announced the process of starting Go 2, the next version of Google’s popular programming language Go. According to company, they have executed the first step and started the second step of the proposal evaluation process.

The company indicates that Go 1 was a small team effort with modest outside influence, while Go 2 will be much more community-driven. After 10 years of exposure, the team has learned a lot about the language and libraries that it didn’t know in the beginning. That could be made possible through feedback from the Go community.

First released in March 2012. Go is widely used in production at Google and in many other organizations and open-source projects. Go is statically typed, compiled, and syntactically similar to C, with the added benefits of memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and CSP-style concurrency. The compiler, tools, and source code are all free and open source.

"In 2015 we introduced the proposal process to gather a specific kind of feedback: proposals for language and library changes. A committee composed of senior Go team members has been reviewing, categorizing, and deciding on incoming proposals on a regular basis. That has worked pretty well, but as part of that process we have ignored all proposals that are not backward-compatible, simply labeling them Go 2 instead. In 2017 we also stopped making any kind of incremental backward-compatible language changes, however small, in favor of a more comprehensive plan that takes the bigger picture of Go 2 into account." wrote the company in a blog.(

The company also informs that the team has around 120 open issues labeled "Go 2 proposal", each proposing a significant library or language change, often one that does not satisfy the existing Go 1 compatibility guarantee. The team members have been working through these proposals and categorizing them (Go2Cleanup, NeedsDecision, etc.) to get an idea of what’s there and to make it easier to proceed with them. Ideas from the proposals will likely influence Go 2’s libraries and languages.