Given the growing opportunities and increasing demand from export and import sector, we are imparting training on the ongoing hands on the import and export activities to give participants an overview of the international business. Many Indian entrepreneurs are eager to expand their business internationally in relation to high-profit margins. And many new graduates or graduates are looking to enter the import-export sector. Therefore, we are offering import and export management programs, in which all fundamental principles of international business are included.

This program can be continued in normal mode / remote mode. This program also gives you the opportunity to get practical training in international business along with the international business.


Our Aim

Providing practical knowledge of import-export cycle including risk management and get resource ready for import-export & shipping organizations.


Program Highlights

1. Practical sessions by industry experts covering all aspects of import and export activities

2. Procedures and Document Manual

3. The certificate will be provided at the end of the program along with the certificate plate

4. Latest Updates on Export and Import

5. Lifetime support for import/export requests


Program Benefits

1. Understanding Practical Case Studies + Sharing Expert Experiences

2. Job opportunities in special import-export & shipping organizations